My Story Studio.

Take a brave step forward. Frame the future.

what is the future you want to create?​

Whether it’s your own future or that of the world around you, our stories frame what is possible.

Tell your story of change.
Frame the future.


is this for me

It is time to move forward.

gain clarity, move into action and spread your message.

is this for me

my story studio For leaders, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life who are on the verge of creating something new in the world.

what is

Tell your story of change. Frame the future.

what is

My Story Studio is a way of preparing for your next step forward from the inside out, Play with the uncertainty around you and be ready to capture the possibilities ahead.

why a story studio

creating the FUTURE feels like stepping into the void

why a story studio

It is scary, stepping into our life ambitious and change. Disorientation is common. The sense of invitation and discovery comes together with the hesitation and fear.


watch our reflections on life storymaking

your purposeful story will bring meaning to that future and prepare you to step into that void. like a bridge from here into the new horizon making you Daring to take action.

how it works

In the studio you will prepare yourself for taking action. By tapping into purpose and crafting your story of change you get ready for action.

how it works

what you will do

what you will do

how it works

how it works

Join the studio

Create your compelling story for change, gain clarity, get ready for action and have a strong message to share.


You travel at your own pace, together in a collaborative community.

$ 160 AUD

*payment options available

next studios coming soon

Self-paced +mentor

travel with a mentor to get the most of your studio journey.

$ 970 AUD

*payment options available

next studios coming soon

limited numbers


the power of travelling in a focussed group with strong intention.

$ 750 AUD

*payment options available

limited to 13 people

next studios coming soon

other details


other details

ACCESS TO THE STUDIO: The studio is designed to be completed in 4-8 weeks max. depending on your dedication and availability. The self-paced plans include access to 4 weeks and the immersion to 6 weeks.  If you need to take longer to complete your studio you can stay up to 8 weeks (extra $40 AUD/week). 

7 day money back guarantee: if after 7 days of our starting date you’re not happy, get your money back, no questions asked

extra mentoring sessions: for any plan you choose you can add personal or triad mentoring sessions for an extra fee along the journey

support policy: If you cannot afford the studio, please contact us with a line of explanation for our discounted rate.

created in my story studio

Set the stage for action

Your story will change you, connect the world with your vision and set the stage for action.

Watch the stories of a community of change. Crafted in My Story Studio.


A Second Life

By Cat

A life renewal journey

created in my story studio


Jump the walls

By Hafez

Vision and passion will take you above the walls you may hit


Building community

By Plaxy

The bushfires were the final call for overcoming social anxiety 


Incredible Action

By Isaac

Isaac is now ready to return to why he choose hypnosis in the first place


A wild soul

By Aakanksha

Her ancestors taught her through a strange bond and fearless spirit


It is possible

By Peter

When you let go of resistance a new path can open up 

about us

Loved across the globe

about us

The studio was created by julia and dave in May 2020 during lockdown in Melbourne. Since then we’ve had people from across the globe travelling in this adventure. 

It has been an immense pleasure to see people transform and offer their extraordinary contribution to the world.

Meet Julia & David, your studio guides

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Meet Julia & David, your studio guides

learn more about us

Meet Neha, your studio assistant

Meet Neha, your studio assistant


Who is My Story Studio for? Is it for me?

The Studio is for people from all walks of life who are ready to create the change they want to see in the world. As long as you have an idea, a dream, a desire inside of you that is waiting to come out (even if you don’t quite know what that is yet), My Story Studio and our community is here to assist you in the journey of creating your story as a catalyst for change.

What is the 5 min video?

This is the “end result” of your journey with the Studio. At the end of all your lessons, reflections and learning, you will create a video where you get to tell your story, in your own words! But don’t worry! You don’t need to know what your story is going to be right now — the story usually will emerge as you go through the Studio. And we are here to assist you in this process, so you are never alone 🙂

Why storymaking?

According to research, and in our own experience, we have found that storymaking is a powerful tool that helps us bridge the gap between where we are, and where we want to be. Through storymaking, we are creating and remaking our story while simultaneously creating and ‘remaking’ ourselves. This can bring us a deeper meaning about who we are and how we got to where we are today. This is what makes story making so transformative: the journey you take to get to telling your story is the journey that creates the most change in you.

This sounds great, but I still have questions!

We are always here to talk if you are interested in knowing more about the Studio! Email us and we will answer any questions you have 🙂

Julia Ribeiro


I’ve spent 10 years in the sustainability sector and driving large, collective impact initiatives has been my passion. It lead me deeper into what is needed for us to be more ready for change. I became a purpose guide, trained also in trauma healing.

In our studios I bring my gifts of connecting people to their deeper intents, sharing their voices with the world and opening the ways for it to happen. I thrive in working together with adventurous people who are creating the desired futures we want to live in.

David Shelton


I’ve spent over 20 years leading, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams. This has been work in government on the safe movement of people and the transformation of public administration towards citizen centred services.

I continue this work as an international consultant in Vision Zero road safety. I’m also a father, a passionate rock climber and a wellbeing devotee following a near catastrophic mountain bike incident a few years back.